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Shipping and return policies for Earth Snake

Shipping Info
Where I ship:
United States + Canada

How I calculate the shipping:
Shipping is calculated based on an item's weight and size, as well as the shipping address.
Each order has a minimal handling charge to cover the costs of packaging and labor.

Who I ship with:
-United States Postal Service (USPS)

How I ship:
Purchases made from within the US ship within 2 days via USPS. Purchases made from outside of the US ship within 3-4 days via UPS.
Return Policy
What shipping I refund:
-All reasonable shipping charges for items that arrive damaged or defective (with the exception of CD Cases and/or CD Wallets; We will, however, gladly refund a damaged or defective disc.)
-All reasonable shipping charges if you receive the wrong item.

Any prize merchandise (ex. giveaways, contests, etc.) from Earth Snake is not refundable.